Jesse Stellato

SRA Registration No. 619396

172 Tufnell Park Road

Islington, London N7 0EE

Tel: +44 (0)7410 626191


I am a qualified, practicing solicitor in England and Wales with over 10 years' legal experience.

Equality and Diversity

We have adopted a policy in relation to equality and diversity. This policy primarily addresses the ‘protected characteristics’ of the Equality Act 2010, namely:-

  • ­age;

  • disability;

  • gender reassignment;

  • ­marriage and civil partnership;

  • pregnancy and maternity;

  • ­race;

  • ­religion or belief;

  • ­sex; and

  • sexual orientation.

We are committed to avoiding discrimination on any of the above grounds in our dealings with clients, potential clients, other solicitors, barristers and third parties. The policy would also extend to any employees that we might engage in due course. We are also committed to promoting equality and diversity in all aspects of the practice’s operations including client service. We are committed to investigating any complaint made against us in as open-minded a manner and resolving any issue to the complainant’s satisfaction. We also continue to monitor the suitability and implementation of this policy and will update it if and when necessary.

Disability considerations

Our practice is subject to a duty to make reasonable adjustments to prevent those clients who are disabled from being at a substantial disadvantage in comparison with those who are not disabled. This duty does not, however, extend to third parties such as counsel and experts whom we might instruct, or to opponents or other parties acting in person.

Signing facilities will be provided by us at our own expense for clients who are in need of them. If a client has mobility problems, we will make reasonable adjustments, including offering home visits within a reasonable radius of our office at no extra charge.

Counsel and experts

If a client expresses a preference that is based on any unlawful grounds we would try to persuade them to modify their instructions. If they refused to do so we would have to cease to act for them further.